Tap Your Supporter Base for New Donor Acquisition
High donor attrition is a fact of life for fundraisers—even those who excel at donor retention. To grow revenue, nonprofits must attract a steady stream of new donors each year to replace those that will be lost. In a world where consumers are increasingly distracted and heavily solicited by so many organizations, it is more important than ever to focus your acquisition efforts close to home. Most nonprofits have supporters who, despite a lack of giving history, have engaged with them in some way in the past. They could be volunteers, patients, adopters, and so on. But when there are potentially thousands of these supporters stored in databases outside of your fundraising system, how do you determine who to steward and how? In this session, we’ll take a closer look at the challenges associated with acquisition and the practical steps you can take to establish a more streamlined process for converting your supporters into donors.

Please note that all functionality discussed in this session may not be available for every region. Contact your local sales representative for any questions or guidance.
Thursday, October 8, 2020
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (EDT)


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, Faith Communities, Healthcare Organizations, Higher Education Institutions, K-12 Schools, Nonprofit Organizations
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Direct Marketing, Fundraising, Marketing, Modeling & Prospect Research
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