There's a tile for that, 2020 - The Sky's the Limit
Are you convinced that if only Raiser's Edge NXT did 'XYZ', your job would become easier? Or are you looking for a feature SO niche you doubt whether it's even possible to develop it? With the new SKY add-in capabilities - the only real limit is your imagination. No, really! From Engagement Scoring to Relationship Trees, this session explores how you can extend Raiser's Edge NXT via Custom Tiles and Extensions, connect your organisation's systems using integration, and automate processes to create a unique system perfect for you. There's a brave new world of connectivity out there, powered by an ecosystem of partners - come and see what's possible!

Please note that all functionality discussed in this session may not be available for every region. Contact your local sales representative for any questions or guidance.
Tuesday, October 6, 2020
10:45 PM - 11:15 PM (EDT)
Additional Time Zone
1:45–2:15 PM (AEDT) on October 7


Solution Focus
Blackbaud Solutions