This year at bbcon, we’re exploring what it takes to spread more good in the world – and we want to hear from you! Did an unexpected insight about how to do more good change your life or work? Did an experience transform your perspective on how to work more effectively to build a better world? Is there a tip or “secret lesson” you wish you’d learned years ago? Your lesson can be professional or personal, techy or touching – just something you think others at bbcon would benefit from hearing as they consider how to build a better world!


 If you’d like to be considered to share your lesson with the bbcon community, please send a brief email to that answers these questions:

  1. What’s your name and role?
  2. According to you, what is the surprising secret to spreading more good, and how did you learn it? 2-3 sentences
  3. How has this lesson changed the way you work or live? 2-3 sentences
  4. Please let us know what contexts you’d be comfortable sharing in.  Opportunities may include:
    • Video
    • Social media
    • Blog post or podcast
    • Live on bbcon mainstage
    • Other
  5. Optional: Is there any public speaking background you have that would be helpful for us to know about?

For the best chance at consideration, please respond before June 5. Our community is so full of great ideas and insights that we will likely not be able to provide channels to share every submission - thank you for understanding!