Get ready for over 250 breakout sessions tailored just for your industry, role, and organization. In these sessions, you’ll hear from inspiring thought leaders and brilliant product experts and be the first to hear about new Blackbaud technology that will help your organization drive even more impact.
Name Speakers
A Bountiful Blend: Gifts of Cash, Assets (or Both), and Those Who Give Them
Activating Your Data Health Superhero Powers
A Forrester Report: How the Houston Zoo Increased ROI by 373% with Blackbaud Target Analytics
Best Practices in Portfolio Management
Data Ethics in the Age of AI
Data Intelligence Is AIght
donorCentrics Epiphanies and Revelations: Top Trends of the 2017–2018 Higher Education Benchmarking Season
Duplicates, Duplicates, and More Duplicates
End-of-Year Giving: Not Quite What We Think It Is 
Fundraising Best Practices—A Global Perspective: Is My Organization Reaching Its Fundraising Potential?
Getting the Most Out of Dashboards and Insights in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT and Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
How Are Multichannel Donors Different but Really the Same?
Optimizing Your Major Gift Program Through Transformational Donors
Peer-to-Peer Crystal Ball: Using Advanced Analytics to Recruit and Coach the Next Generation of Volunteer Fundraisers
Planned Giving Profiles: Know Thy Donors
Research for the Non-Researcher
Right Message, Right Person, Right Channel: Direct Marketing Analytics at the National Park Foundation
SKY Reporting: We Have the Insights
Sustainer State of the System:  Beyond the Basics
Why Your Segmentation Strategy Needs a Three-Dimensional Approach
Arts & Cultural
Blackbaud Altru Safari
Blackbaud Altru User Group
Hacking the Heist: How an Augmented Reality Experiment Went Uber-Viral
One Day Only! How to Run a Successful 24-Hour Campaign with Blackbaud Online Express
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for Arts and Cultural Organizations
Shaken, Not Stirred: How to Stare Down Organizational Change and Win
Super Session: The Data Is In! Connection is King for Cultural Organizations
Using Data to Identify Major And Mid-Level Supporters in Your Ticketing Audience
Blackbaud University Day
Blackbaud Altru: Building Your First Special Event
Blackbaud Altru: Increasing a Donor’s Lifetime Value
Blackbaud Altru: Tips and Tricks for Mailings
Blackbaud Award Management: Back to Basics
Blackbaud Award Management: Creating Conditional and Flexible Applications
Blackbaud Award Management: Customizing Your Review Process
Blackbaud Award Management: Increasing Your Applicant Pool
Blackbaud Financial Edge: Exploring Queries
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT: Building Advanced Chart Organizers
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT: Forecasting for Success
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT: Sharing Your Financial Story
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT: Tracking Diversified Revenue Streams
Blackbaud Grantmaking: Building an Effective Grant Requirement Process
Blackbaud Grantmaking: Five Steps to a Streamlined Database
Blackbaud Grantmaking: Reporting for Your Board
Blackbaud Grantmaking: Setting Up a New Grant Program
Blackbaud Luminate Online: Compassionately Creating Tribute Campaigns
Blackbaud Luminate Online: Efficiently Using Groups and Interests
Blackbaud Luminate Online: Re-Engaging Your Constituents
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge: Campaigns, Funds, and Appeals for Optimized Reporting
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge: Constituent Cleanup Using Import and Global Changes
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge: Discovering Donor Personas
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge: Making a Better Batch
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: Crafting Custom Reports
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: Cultivating Donors
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: Database Administration in Web View
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: Managing Events
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: Optimizing Online Donations
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: Preparing for Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge: Preparing for Pledges
Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge: Preventing Problems with Policies and Procedures
Organizational Best Practices: Events—Empowering Social Media Fundraisers
Organizational Best Practices: Executive—Engaging Staff in a Corporate Social Responsibility Program
Organizational Best Practices: Executive—Valuing Board Members
Organizational Best Practices: Fundraising—Engaging Mid-Level Donors through Personas
Organizational Best Practices: Fundraising—Stewarding Planned Donors
Organizational Best Practices: Fundraising—Stewarding Sustaining Donors
Organizational Best Practices: Healthcare—Honoring Loved Ones with Caring Memorial Programs
Organizational Best Practices: Marketing—Crafting Creative Marketing Emails
ResearchPoint: Discovering Even More Wealth Data
ResearchPoint: Locating Planned Giving Prospects
ResearchPoint: Maintaining a Clean Database
CSR Partnerships for Impact
Measuring the Outcomes and Impact of Skills-Based Volunteer Programs in the Social Sector
Measuring the Outcomes and Impact of Skills-Based Volunteer Programs in the Social Sector
Cyber Security/Prof Development
Cyber Security 101: How to Protect Your Organization and Customers from Online Threats
Getting to the Root of It
Process Mapping: Let's Get Visual
Faith Communities
A High Velocity Crowdfunding Story: bbcon 2017 Inspiration to Successful #GivingTuesday Campaign in 47 Days
Blackbaud Faith Solutions Roadmap for Churches
Blackbaud Faith Solutions Roadmap for Ministries and Mission Organizations
Church Revitalization: Helping a Church Get Unstuck
Diocesan Roundtable
Five Cultural Challenges Nonprofits Face With Digital Fundraising
Growing your church’s ministry with Blackbaud’s Cloud Solution for Faith Communities
How To Effectively Hire Team Members That Match Your Church's Culture
How To Effectively Hire Team Members That Match Your Nonprofit's Culture
If God Will Provide, Why Do We Have to Ask for Money
In The Beginning, God Created...
Jesus Didn't Have Snapchat, But Your Church Should
Multi-Cultural > Mono-Cultural
No One Carries a Checkbook Anymore
Reaching Others in Our Diverse, Divided, and Post-Christian World
Super Session: The Cutting-Edge Church
The Age of Digital Community: Why Are They Important and Should I Create One?
The Biblical Basis for Fundraising and the Top Ten Fundraising Mistakes to Avoid
The Business of Ministry: Leading Your Church with Lessons from the Marketplace
Financial Management
Accountable Impact Study: Panel Discussion
Accounting for Grants and Contributions (ASU 2018-08)
Actionable Intelligence Tools for Financial Operations: Innovations That Help You Work Smarter and Faster
Best Practices in General Ledger Architecture Session (Part 1 of 2)
Best Practices in General Ledger Architecture Session (Part 2 of 2)
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT API Deep Dive: Expanding the Power and Reach of Your Financial Application
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Deep Dive: A Month in the Life of an Endowed Fund
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Deep Dive: From Timesheets to Financials
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Deep Dive: The Benefits of Analysis and Reporting Using Cost Per Unit
Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Roadmap
Blackbaud’s Common Financial Capabilities Roadmap
Development Is from Mars! Finance Is from Venus! Integrating Development and Finance Through Technology and Best Practices
Fraud Prevention: How Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT and Best Practices Can Help You Prevent Fraud
From the Cabinet to the Cloud: Our Path to the Paperless Office
How Accounts Receivable in Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT Aims to Improve Industry-Standard Accounting Metrics
Our Journey: Implementing Expense Management and Blackbaud Purchase Cards
Productivity Hacks: Getting the Most Out of Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT (Part 1 of 2)
Productivity Hacks: Getting the Most Out of Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT (Part 2 of 2)
Revenue Strategy: From Donations to Grants and Everything In-Between
Simplified Workflow Workshop: A Day in the Life of a Finance Professional
What We All Need to Know About Nonprofit Audited Financials
Focus on Tech
Customer Focus Group: Implementation and Onboarding
Emerging Tech Trends and Their Impact on Social Good
Focus on Tech Kickoff: Powering Social Good with Blackbaud SKY
From Crystal to Cloud: Modern Reporting and Analytics with Blackbaud's SKY API
Securing Blackbaud SKY: How Blackbaud Keeps Your Data Safe in the Cloud
Securing Social Good: How Blackbaud Cyber Security Protects Our Customers
SKY Architecture Explained: Behind the Scenes of a New Blackbaud Solution
SKY Developer: Expanding the Ecosystem of Good
SKY UX Deep Dive
User Experience Design at Blackbaud
User Insights for Good: Using Analytics to Better Align to Users
Blackbaud Foundations Solutions Strategy
Blackbaud Grantmaking and Financial Edge: Making the Marriage Work
Building Community with Your #GivingTuesday Campaign: How a Community Foundation Discovered the Day Is About Much More Than Raising Money
Cheers to 40 Years: Fundamental, Formidable, and Fabulous Raiser’s Edge Tips to Help You Excel as a Database Manager
Community Foundations Panel Discussion
Delivering the Community Foundations Cloud
How to Stand Out on #GivingTuesday: Tips and Tricks that Will Set Your Organization Apart for this Global Giving Movement
How to Use Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT and Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT Together for Foundations: Best Practices for Configuring and Using the Solutions
How to Use Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT for Foundations: Tips and Tricks for Configuring and Using the Solution
How to Use Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT for Foundations: Best Practices for Configuring and Using Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT
Measuring Impact at Every Level
Super Session: Unlocking Your Foundation’s Unicorn Potential
The Dallas Foundation’s 2019 Digital Transformation Journey
UN Sustainable Development Goals: Choosing the Right Measures for Your Organization and Community Partners 
Visualizing Your Foundation and Grantees Using the Blackbaud API and Tableau
What's New in Blackbaud Grantmaking
You Make Me Wanna Dedupe: How to Find, Eliminate, and Prevent Duplicate Records
Fundraising & Relationship Management
10 Keys to Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Success
Blackbaud CRM and Blackbaud Internet Solutions Roadmap
Blackbaud eTapestry Online Giving Customer Panel
Blackbaud eTapestry Roadmap
Blackbaud Luminate CRM Roadmap
Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT for Database Managers
Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Fundraising and Marketing Roadmap
Building Dashboards and Reports with Salesforce Lightning UI in Blackbaud Luminate CRM
Campaigns as Agents of Change
Communication Strategies to Engage the Modern Major Gift Donor
Customer Panel: Trends in Event Management
Dealing with Data Distrust
Demystifying the Cloud: Blackbaud SKY and Blackbaud CRM
Demystifying the Cloud: Blackbaud SKY and Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
Did You Know Your Donor Has a Mission Too?
Digital Lessons from 100 Nonprofits
Donor Segmentation Strategy
Filtering and Segmentation: New Filtering Functionality in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
Finding Fundraising Opportunities in Unlikely Situations: How a Rebrand Can Be the ‘Carpe Diem’ Fundraisers Are Looking For
Five Hacks for Managing Your Virtual Team in Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
Fundraising Technology for Your Nonprofit: Raise More Money Faster and Cheaper
Getting It Done While Keeping It Real
Growing Your Programs: Making the Move from Blackbaud eTapestry to Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
Hack My Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
How Are Database Administrators Using Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Webview?
If You Build It, They Will Come: User-Defined Fields for Better Reporting
I'm Not a Fundraiser: What Can Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Do for Me?
Introduction to Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT Events
Leveraging Supporter Engagement Data to Improve Fundraising Effectiveness
Long-Term Success with Blackbaud CRM: Help Desk, Training, and Planning for the Future
Managing the “Manager” Part of Database Manager in the Fundraising Profession Today
Marketing Efforts Are Not Rocket Science: A United States Fund for UNICEF Case Study
Motivating Your Team to Use Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge While Maintaining Clean Data
One for the Millennials: Befriending Your Imposter
Online Fundraising Scorecard 2.0
Raiser's Edge NXT: Why Your Donors Will Love You for Making the Switch
Small Shop, Big Fundraising
Storytelling for Impact: Helping Donors Understand the Value of Their Dollar
The Death of the Spreadsheet
The Donors of Tomorrow: Effective Ways to Engage Young Donors
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Data
Top 10 Skills to Master in Blackbaud CRM
User Adoption and Best Practices for Your CRM Solution
Using Blackbaud Raiser's Edge to Build a World-Class Major Gifts Program
World Wildlife Fund® Case Study: Partnering and Navigating Different Agendas (PANDA). Working effectively with Blackbaud and Blackbaud Partners during and after a project. A Blackbaud CRM Case Study.
Your Donors Are Your Best Fundraisers: Using Peer-to-Peer Tools with Blackbaud eTapestry
Adapt or Die: Five Reasons Your Grateful Patient Strategy Needs Relaunching (and What to Do About It)
Aligning Your System(s) for Success: A Case Study and Discussion of Navigating Healthcare System Integration from a Development Office Perspective
Blackbaud TeamRaiser Tactics that Work
Everything Employee Giving Campaigns: Innovate, Implement, and Inspire!
Get a Health Check: Optimize the People, Processes, and Technology after Go Live
Getting to the Inbox: Tips on Email Deliverability and Reengaging the Disengaged
Healthcare Case Study: Can Data Discovery Drive Organizational Change?
How and Why Did DIY Become So Important to Healthcare Fundraising?
Hybrid Service Model: How a Combined Professional and Managed Services Approach Can Benefit Your Organization
Making Connections that Matter: A Healthcare Networking Opportunity
Partnering Your Way to Success: Programs and Operations Implementing Grateful Patient Programs Across Multiple Locations
Robotic Process Automation: What It Means for Your Healthcare Organization
Sharing the Love: Gathering New Email Addresses and Donors with Valentines
Small but Mighty: Using the Resources You Have to Leverage Content that Empowers Donors to Give
Two Steps Forward: Growing Your Peer-to-Peer Results
Unleash the Power of Grateful Patient Solution Data
What Donors Really Want: How to Align Marketing and Development and Cultivate the Right Donors with the Right Message
Higher Education
A Look Ahead: Blackbaud Education Management
Analyzing the Impact of New Fundraising Strategies on Higher Education Fundraising Trends
Best Practices in Portfolio Management
Blackbaud Award Management Roadmap Review
Blackbaud Stewardship Management Roadmap Review
Building a Connected Campus with Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT
Customer Roundtable: Blackbaud Education Management
Demystifying Award Management APIs
Engaging Diverse Alumni Communities
Finding Success with Blackbaud Award Management Cycle Management
Finding Success With Higher Education Giving Days: Panel Discussion
Finding the Missing Pieces: Going From a Home-Grown System to Blackbaud Award Management
Flex, Conditionals, Renewals—Oh My! Making the Most of Your Applications
Full-Circle Awarding: Using Key Features of Blackbaud Award Management to Authorize and Award Funds
Higher Education Strategy and Solution Overview
Higher Education Trends and Triumphs
Implementing Digital Campaign Strategies
It’s All About Intentionality: How Technologically Sophisticated Institutions Are Driving Toward the Future
Leveraging Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT to Reengineer Higher Education Foundation Business Processes and Best Practices
Making the Most of Post-Acceptance in Blackbaud Award Management
More with Less Institutional Leadership Panel
Powerhouse Annual Giving Customer Panel
Powering Learning Through Go-Live and Beyond
Starting on the Right Foot: Launching Your Scholarship Review Season the Right Way
Streamlining Your Award Process with Blackbaud Award Management
Super Session: Higher Education Kickoff—A Panel Discussion with Industry Experts
Taking the NXT Step: How a Partnership Between Advancement and Information Technology Services Led to a Successful Conversion to Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT
The Science of Persuasion in Advancing Technology Initiatives: An Executive Panel Discussion
Thinking Outside of the Box: Blackbaud Stewardship Management
Transforming Advancement Through Technology
Using Blackbaud's Digital Marketing Solutions to Build a Stronger Institution
Wisdom from the Pros: Strategies for Success with Higher Education Solutions
Wizard Behind the Curtain: Blackbaud Education Management as the Yellow Brick Road
K-12 Schools
Alumni Challenges: Transforming that $50 Donation to a Sustaining Giver
Alumni Retention: A 10-Year Plan That Keeps Them Coming Back
Blackbaud Enrollment Management System's Contract Integration with Blackbaud Tuition Management
Implementing Blackbaud's Education Management Solutions: A Successful Phased Approach
SEO Page Optimization: How to Create a Strong Foundation
Super Session: How to Maximize #GivingTuesday in a Saturated Market
Super Session: How to Maximize #GivingTuesday in a Saturated Market
Using Tech to Level Up Engagement and Fundraising: How a Private High School Created an Integrated, Data-Driven Advancement Strategy Through Blackbaud and Its Partners
Marketing & Engagement
Are Data Blind Spots Hurting Your Fundraising Effectiveness?
Barring the Gates of Data Security with Blackbaud Luminate Online and Blackbaud Merchant Services
Before You Hit Send: Best Practices to Improve Email Performance
Beyond the Action Alert: Tools to Engage Policymakers and Win Campaigns  
Beyond the Benchmark
Blackbaud Luminate Online and Blackbaud TeamRaiser Roadmap Update
Blackbaud Luminate Online: Don't Ignore Your Check Engine Light!
Blackbaud NetCommunity Roadmap
Channel Surfing: Integrated Fundraising
Closing the Social Good Data and Information Gap
Coming to America: How the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Is Creeping Into U.S. Law and How It Will Affect Your Organization
Congrats, You're in the Inbox! Now, Does Anyone Actually Want to Read Your Email?
Donor Services and You: How to Effectively Maintain and Impress Donors at Any Level
Do You Know Where Your Donors Are? A PSA on the Importance of Meeting Your Donors Where They Are, Digitally
Email Deliverability Support Group
Email Welcome Series Engagement: Using Blackbaud Luminate Online to Drive Action and Evaluate Results
Emotional Intelligence for Introverts: The Struggle Is Real!
Facebook Birthday Fundraisers: How They Affect Your Digital Strategy and How to React
Five Strategies to Level Up Your Monthly Giving Program
Gender Equity in Nonprofit - DIY: Closing Your Wage Gap
Google Ad Grants: Attracting Donors Online
How to Use Texting to Maximize Your Donor Base and Scale Relationships
Is Digital Becoming the New Silo?
Leveraging Blackbaud Luminate Online to Crush Hunger (and Fundraising Goals)
Marketing from the IT Perspective: You Have the Data—Start Using It!
Mobile Giving for Better Fundraising in Blackbaud Luminate
No Sustainer Left Behind
Re-Engaging Your Duds and Other Stories of Triumph
Responsible Email Growth: Strategies to Grow—and Engage—Your Supporters
Rules of Engagement: How to Recruit, Retain, and Build Social Strategy Around Social Influencers
Secret Shopper: Experiencing the New Online Donor Journey
SEO Content Marketing Strategies
Share Your Story: Capturing Constituent Data and User-Generated Content (with Image Upload) in a Single Form
Stump the Experts: LIVE!
The First Steps of Your Website Accessibility Journey
The Road Into the Inbox - A Panel Discussion
The Site You've Always Wanted: Exploring an All-Around Solution for Your Website and Your Organization's Success
Unlocking the Secrets Behind Your Sustainer Data
Website Trends for 2022
Why UX and Accessibility Matters—to Users, to Google, and to Your Bottom Line
You Don't Need A Lot To Raise A Lot with Blackbaud Luminate
Blockchain's Potential Impact for Nonprofits
Buy-In for the Win: Building an Organizational Culture to Support Technology Change
Buy-In for the Win: Building an Organizational Culture to Support Technology Change
Everyone’s a “Disruptor” Nowadays—But Is the Sector Really Ready for Disruption?
Leaders, Are You Ready for Digital Transformation? (Part 2 of 2)
Principles of Digital Transformation (Part 1 of 2)
Super Session: Connect, Empower, and Engage Your Supporters with Intelligence for Good
The Opportunity of Collaborative Nonprofit Benchmarking: What Is It? Why Now? How Can I Get Involved?
What Does It Mean to Have an Integration Strategy?
Payment Services
Consolidating Payments with Blackbaud’s API
Payment Services Product Roadmap
Time-Saving Tips for Simplifying Reconciliation
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising
Case Study: Launching a Successful and Engaging Pilot Virtual Peer-to-Peer Event
Holy Wow—That's Blackbaud TeamRaiser?!
How to Engage Twitch Content Creators in Your Livestreaming Campaign
Introducing Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Powered by JustGiving
Keeping It Personal: A Personal Crowdfunding Panel
Leveraging Ambassadors to Grow Your Peer-to-Peer Campaigns
Mining Your Facebook Fundraising Data
Peer-to-Peer Benchmark Overview: Data Nerds Welcome
Peer-to-Peer Freakonomics: The Surprising Decisions People Make When Donating to Nonprofits
Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Roadmap
The Personal Touch: Improving Your Peer-to-Peer Campaigns by Prioritizing Donor and Participant Experience
Using Mobile Apps to Maximize Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Engagement
Sector Leadership & Trends
Do This, Not That: Proven Best Practices for Today's Fundraiser
How Nonprofits Can Evolve and Survive the Coming Fundraising Winter
Liberating Structures for Innovation
Supporters In Sight: Introduction to Personas
The Connected Office
The Data on Donor-Advised Funds
The Impact on Donors Following Tax Reform
The Next Generation of Global Giving
Using Experimentation to Optimize Your Fundraising