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Cathy Kestler
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Cathy Kestler is a mission-driven brand, marketing, and fundraising strategist who partners with nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and board executives to spark innovation and grow their brands. Cathy’s career is a true amalgamation of strategizing, planning, and executing compelling fundraising, marketing, and leadership development programs. Before starting her consulting business, Cathy spent 18+ years working with some of the country’s largest health organizations, raising funds to fight HIV/AIDs, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and muscular dystrophy. No matter the cause, her goal is simple – to empower organizations to differentiate themselves and drive results in pursuit of their mission. A passionate advocate for women in the workplace, Cathy joined a colleague, Erica Helphand, to create a new organization, Ellementary. Their mission – to level the playing field and advance gender equity in the nonprofit space. The organization provides networking, coaching, and support for women to close wage and leadership gaps for themselves.
Cathy Kestler