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Erica Helphand
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Erica has been a recognized leader in the Peer to Peer space for nearly 20 years. A relentless advocate for women and girls, she serves on the Board for Girls on the Run. As Managing Partner/COO of a women-owned event production/fundraising consulting agency, Erica is all too familiar with gender disparity in the nonprofit space and the ways it holds women back. Though LA-based now, this born and raised New Yorker was hooked on events after donating to friends—then joining as a volunteer lead—on the Boston New York AIDS Ride. Beyond her extensive event production & fundraising experience, Erica's passion for people—coworkers, clients, volunteers, and participants alike— is what drives her commitment to continuous improvement. Her teams have created two of the industry's most successful event series. Still, it's her background—steeped in development from the beginning—and her focus on the highest level of customer service that keeps fundraisers coming back.
Erica Helphand