Full Name
Alena Shaughnessy
Job Title
Database Operations Manager
The Portland Museum of Art
Speaker Bio
Alena Shaughnessy has been working at the Portland Museum of Art (PMA) since 2015, and she has grown within the database operations department from an assistant to becoming its manager in 2018. Most recently, she has cultivated her department to be a key collaborator with all other departments at the museum, supporting them with data analytics, membership trends, and various Altru support. The PMA was one of the first institutions to test and utilize Altru in 2012, which led to the development of a self-reliant and solutions-engineer type work ethic among the Database Operations team. Alena has developed a high proficiency with Altru’s capabilities and excels at finding alternative and flexible solutions within its framework. Currently, Alena and Adrian are assisting Altru Connect programmers in writing query that will bridge Altru to Financial Edge, once more being among the first to evaluate a new program.
Alena Shaughnessy