Full Name
Rick Doucette
Job Title
The Dallas Foundation
Speaker Bio
A business-savvy technology executive, Rick’s career journey highlights three unique chapters: digital transformation for social good, mid-market CIO technology delivery, and early stage pre-IPO software innovator.

Most recently, Rick’s passion is working for a purpose, and he leverages his technology experience in the underserved nonprofit sector. Creating a business technology roadmap to bring clarity from chaos is Rick’s calling card in the social good world.

As a mid-market CIO, Rick leveraged industry experience, purposeful leadership, and dogged determination to impact multiple organizations in the DFW area, including his own built from scratch.

Early in Rick’s career, he was a critical driver in several start-up software solution companies in the .com and dynamic pre-IPO era. He was an all-academic athlete and earned a B.S. in computer science and a B.S. in Statistics from the University of New Brunswick in eastern Canada.
Rick Doucette