Full Name
Mark Venti
Job Title
Executive Pastor
Speaker Bio
Mark Venti serves in Churchome as the Executive Pastor of Central Ministries. He and his wife, Crystal, have been a part of leading in the Churchome community for almost two decades. Their heart is to see the story of Jesus told to their community and ultimately to the world and to continually be a part of building the church community locally and globally.

In 2000, Mark Venti began serving Pastors Judah and Chelsea Smith, the now, Lead Pastors of Churchome, and soon came on the youth staff. Over the past 18 years, Mark and Crystal have overseen various ministries, led several Churchome campuses,, and pioneered extension campuses for Churchome. Mark has also taught in Churchome College,and developed teams of leaders who now lead ministries throughout the church. Above all else Mark and Crystal’s main passion and love in life are their three kids: Roman and Boston and Adele.
Mark Venti