Walk A Mile In My Virtual Reality Shoes

It’s simple. Teachers who empathize with their students have better student outcomes. The problem isn’t that teachers aren’t trying. It’s that human beings are not cognitively capable of empathizing with multiple students all at once. Virtual reality perspective taking is a tool that could improve teachers’ ability to empathize with their students and to reflect on their interaction with students.

Recruiting, Admissions, and Enrollment
David Shin
Session Type
Target Audience
Academics, Admissions, Head of School
Learning outcome 1
1. To what degree does teachers’ empathy toward students change after VR PD?
Learning outcome 2
2. What are teachers’ perceptions about how the role of empathy impacts their classroom interactions with students and teaching practices?
Learning outcome 3
3. What are teachers’ perceptions regarding the efficacy of VRPT as a tool to facilitate professional development?