Need a little help getting approval from your manager to attend the Blackbaud K-12 User Conference?

Below, you will find a “justification letter” template designed to help your manager understand the benefits of having their employees attend the conference. This template will get you started while allowing you to customize it to you and your school's particular needs.  

Blackbaud K-12 User Conference Justification Letter - SAMPLE


Hello Mr. / Mrs. Manager,

Re: Blackbaud K–12 User Conference 2020

I'm writing to ask for approval to attend the Blackbaud K–12 User Conference 2020 being held in Los Angeles, CA July 8–10, 2020. The conference is three days of idea sharing, networking, hands-on product training, industry best practices, and networking with peers from the K–12 community. At a total cost of about $XXX, it's the most cost-effective way to ensure that we’re getting the most from our Blackbaud investment and should result in immediate ROI. In particular, I'd like to focus on finding solutions or best practices that could benefit these projects: 

  • <add project or initiative>
  • <add project or initiative>
  • <add project or initiative>

In addition to expert-led breakout sessions with Blackbaud customers, partners, industry experts, and peers, I will also have access to product-conference training from the Blackbaud University team of education experts. The opportunity to meet face-to-face with Blackbaud employees and build our relationship is invaluable, and something that I can leverage across the projects I am running. Additionally, there will be over 20 technology and services partners onsite, which means I can use this opportunity to learn about solutions that we may want to consider at our school. 

Here's an approximate breakdown of the conference costs:


$XXX, <adjust depending on your departure> 

Transportation: round trip taxi from LAX to hotel


Hotel: 3 nights at $209 per night


Meals: 3 days at $50


Registration Fee** 

$XXX <check for current pricing>




**The registration fee includes all materials, breakfast and lunch daily, and access to session materials post conference. 


The earlier I can register, the less expensive it will be. I can submit a post-conference report that will include a summary of all the major takeaways, tips, and new ideas that I learned to maximize our current investments in Blackbaud. I can also share relevant information with key co-workers through the school.


Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply. 



<Your name>