You're All a Part of Admission... No Really

If you're an independent school teacher you've probably been told, "You're all a part of admission." Yet too often faculty don't feel engaged with the enrollment process, or even understand why they should be! This practical, hands-on session will describe three key facts everyone should know about independent schools and the five classroom practices that will make teachers an essential part of healthy school enrollment. Whether you're a skeptical teacher or an enrollment leader this session is for you!

Recruiting, Admissions, and Enrollment
Derek Krein Jim Daughdrill
Session Type
Target Audience
Academics, Admissions
Learning outcome 1
Participants will come away with three key facts about independent schools.
Learning outcome 2
Participants will learn five classroom best practices that contribute to school enrollment success.
Learning outcome 3
Participants will better understand how a whole-school approach means not only a healthy bottom line but also a healthy school.