• Choose Single Attendee for Package Type if you plan to register one to three attendees without using the promotion. You will have the option to register up to three attendees each at the price of $339. You may also register one person at a time if you prefer. If you register three attendees and later would like to add a fourth using the promotion, please contact us.
  • Choose Buy 3, Get 1 Free Promotion if you plan to send four attendees. You must register all four attendees at once to complete registration. If you would like to send attendees past those included with the promotion, you will need to register the extras using the Single Attendee package. If you would like to use the promotion more than once, you must complete separate registrations for every four attendees with different email addresses using the Buy 3, Get 1 Free Promotion
  • You are required to complete details for each person that you are registering, however, you may return and update using instructions in your confirmation email.
  • This event accepts credit cards only for payment. Invoice is not an approved form of payment.
Creating a password lets you log back in to modify your registration, and speeds up your next registration.
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